The Pirates! - Galleon!

One of Cod Steaks’ most impressive sets, both technically and creatively, is this stunning galleon set. The Pirate ship is a skilfully engineered model that can be dismantled for separate scenes and reassembled seamlessly for full shots.

The Pirate ship is a key set for Aardman Animations and Sony Pictures animated feature film The Pirates! In An Adventure with Scientists!

Every detail has been considered throughout the 3.5 meter long ship which includes, full rigging and sails, a beautifully crafted ships wheel, rusty anchors, storm-weathered decks and ornate carvings.

We also created the captain’s quarters interior set showcased here, which includes all of the ornately detailed props.


The quality of our film and television work is matched by our understanding of what makes audiences tick.

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"They’ve given me the Pirate Boat – the most amazing single set I’ve ever seen. ‘It’s jaw-dropping, it’s iconic, it’s a masterclass in craft technique. My admiration continues to grow with every new project we work on together."

Peter Lord, Director, The Pirates! In An Adventure with Scientists!