Castrol Edge Bugatti Veyron

It's not often you are asked to build a Bugatti Veyron. It's even rarer to be asked to make one entirely from Castrol Edge lubricant bottles. But this is exactly what Castrol asked us to do to promote it's products at the Wilton Classic Supercars Show.

The full size model was created referencing the original production blueprints. This ensured the lines and form of the structure was accurate and removed any doubt that the finished article would look like it's road going counterpart. Our fabrication team then had to carefully work out how to create the flowing curves and features of the Bugatti, using only a limited range of Castrol Edge bottles. Details like the front air intake vents and the iconic 'horseshoe' grille were vacuum formed and colour matched. 

The result we think you'll agree is an automotive sculptural masterpiece, that drew as much attention as the 'slightly' higher priced company it shared.

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