Eastleigh Archway

Appointed by Eastleigh Borough Council, Cod Steaks provided a pivotal role in generating a piece of public art which actively involved the immediate community and in doing so injected a sense of community spirit for locals living close to the site.

The site location (previously owned by Pirelli Works) is within a green space that was rarely used by locals. We undertook extensive community consultation events (BBQ's, Art in the Park etc) prior to designing the final piece. These events helped locals to identify why the site was important to them and which elements of Eastleigh's present/past would be incorporated into the artworks.

The final piece took the form of an archway with layered profile cut shapes. These shapes reflected iconic elements of the area interspersed with a sense of the "community collective" pulling together the help construct the artworks.

Inspired by the success of the artworks, Eastleigh Borough Council has applied our public engagement model to other projects where community pride is key.

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