World of Discoveries - Costumed Figures

Cod Steaks undertook the design, build and fit-out for World of Discoveries themed museum in Porto, Portugal. The costumed figures we provided as part of the installation, were central to relating the 15th century explorations of Portuguese navigators to visitors, on a human level.

Forty five full size models, including an animatronic version of Henry The Navigator - the sponsor of these explorations - were created for display. Each was extensively researched, to ensure every element was historically accurate and visually exciting for visitors.

The costumes produced included armed Portuguese troops dressed in full chain mail armour, a bejewelled maharajah atop a golden throne and Chinese dragon dancers. All make an engaging visual focus to the exquisite backdrops of the 15th century world being explored.

Cod Steaks is proud to have won an award for its work on World of Discoveries, which itself has won countless accolades for being a ‘world class attraction’.


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"The work presented by Cod Steaks is, above all, of great realism, detail and of amazing artistic quality. At the same time the scenarios and objects...integrate a dimension of dream and fantasy. Cod Steaks has proven to be the ideal partner at all levels."

Mario Ferreira, CEO Mystic Invest Group (Portugal)