Warner Brothers

The Burrow

The Iconic and beloved home of the Weasley family returns to Leavesden to take permanent residence outside the Backlot Cafe and Privet drive at the Harry Potter Studio Tours London.

The 1st headquarters of the Order of the Phoenix and the magical second home of Harry Potter, The Burrow had its cinematic, fiery demise at the hands of Death Eaters in The Half-Blood Prince. 12 years later The Burrow is back on show at the Warner Bros. Studio Tour in London. This 6.3 meter, 1/3rd scale model, designed and built with every detail in mind; from smallest stained glass windows to 1000’s of individual roof tiles, each art-worked with painstaking detail. Cod Steaks assisted Warner Bros. in the recreation and delivery of the iconic Weasley residence. We are enormously proud to have brought it back to life and to have been a part of another truly magical project with the Warner Bros. team.


Everyone who worked on the miniature was not only highly skilled but showed an enthusiasm and passion for the project that was only rivalled by my own! I couldn’t have been more impressed with every member of the team and their commitment to producing the very best quality work. I look forward to seeing the exhibit every time I visit the Tour and look forward to working with Codsteaks again on future projects. - Gary Tomkins